Archive: Nov 2016

Pin Welder Repair Guidelines

MIDWEST Fasteners offers a full Pin- and Stud-Welder Repair service through our Manufacturing Plant in Ohio.

We are often asked “how to” best make use of the service.

Here are some suggestions to assist all parties:

  • Packaging & Shipping
    • -include ALL parts and components of system, if possible
    • –disconnect ALL cables prior to packing & shipping
    • –properly pack components to prevent shipping damage
    • -do not ship without identification and contact information
  • Information
    • -include Contact information
    • -include Service needs or Problem descriptions…some information as to Why in need of Service
    • -repairs less than $100 will be performed, unless ‘estimate required’ is noted.
    • -overly worn, non-serviceable accessories will be replaced as part of repairs.
  • Warranty
    • -warranties are per MIDWEST warranty statement by Model, by Item
    • -warranty commences upon original shipment of Model from manufacturing
    • -warranty coverage is for failure of Parts or for manufacturing Labor
    • -Fuses are not covered by Warranty unless part of additional Parts failure

Repair shipments to:

Midwest Fasteners Inc
ATTN: Welder Repair
450 Richard St.
Miamisburg, OH 45342