Midwest Fasteners Gives the 411 on Stud Welding

With the resurgence of the automotive industry and other sectors of the economy, such as the building construction industry, the need for stud welding continues to be on the rise. With over 20 years of stud welding experience, Midwest Fasteners understands the importance of quality stud welding products, especially for these industries as well as […]

The Perfect Light-Weight Welder for Your Heavy-Duty Jobs

At Midwest Fasteners, we’ve got a pin welder that’s sure to change your concept of pin welding: SureShotII is tougher, faster and more portable than most other pin welders available, and it’s the most up-to-date capacitor discharge pin welder in the market. It’s easy to see why more demanding users will choose this welder for […]

Welding Tips from Midwest Fasteners

What makes a good stud weld? For a quality welded stud, you always need the proper amount of heat and time (or pressure). With too much or too little of either, you’re simply not going to be able to deliver a quality and consistent bond. Whether you’re talking about CD stud welding, arc stud welding, […]

How to Maximize Performance From Industrial Specialty Adhesives

Insulation Anchor and Hanger Adhesives are water resistant, thermal shock resistant, and have an uncompromised level of strength. However, their effectiveness depends on proper use. By following these guidelines, you will get the most out of this heavy duty, industrial strength product. SURFACE PREPARATION. Surfaces that are to be bonded need to be clean, dry, […]

The Do’s of the Pin Welding Process

When it comes to proper pin welding, there are certain simple but crucial do’s and don’ts, and it’s important to be aware of them. A minor misstep can make a major difference. Here, we lay out the do’s of the pin welding process: Connect welder to proper incoming AC power (110 volt for most systems). […]

The Don’t’s of Pin Welding

Now that you’re aware of what’s crucial to DO during the pin welding process, let’s take a look at what you should NOT do. Removing the cover. Don’t do this for any reason when the power is connected. Don’t stand in any water when you’re welding. You also shouldn’t sit any units or cables in […]

Choosing the Right Stainless Steel

When it comes to insulation fasteners and stud welding, the right grade of stainless steel must be used to ensure proper performance. There are several different grades that meet the requirements of the varying applications, and it’s important to know which one is best for you. Material being used for insulation fasteners must fall under […]

Improving CD StudWelding with the MIDWEST CD Gun

Use of the MIDWEST Capacitor Discharge (CD) Weld Gun is one of the best ways to ensure proper welding for many studwelding applications. Within this Weld Gun’s operation, spring pressure applied at the time of welding is a key element to ensure that best welding of your CD Weld Studs takes place. Many users find […]

Midwest Fasteners’ Offers Adhesives

Installing anchors and hangers for attaching insulation is no simple task. It requires strong, heavy-bodied material that can effectively and reliably bond metal and/or nylon anchors to metal, concrete or masonry surfaces. Adhesives with the Midwest Fasteners brand meet all of these criteria, and additionally can be used in other general construction applications such as […]

How to Set Up Cuphead Weld Pins

Transcript: Getting work done quickly and reliably is really important these days. At Midwest Fasteners, we know that easy to use portable stud welding to install many kinds of fasteners is a fast and practical way to get jobs done. And we know that Midwest Fasteners can help. Cuphead Weld Pins, sometimes called “Mini” Cups, […]