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Stud Welding Process, Specs, Charts & Instructions

As defined by the American Welding Society Stud Welding is:

...the general term for joining a metal stud or similar part to a work piece... [Welding Handbook, Vol. 2, 8th Ed., AWS, 1991]

This is a high-speed, semi-automated metal fastening process in which a metal fastener can be applied by a welding arc to another piece of metal material.


The welding stud is placed (with a hand tool called the Stud Gun) in contact with the base metal, a weld arc is drawn which melts the welding stud base and an area of the metal work piece for metal fastening. The welding stud is then forced into the melted area and held in place until the metals re-solidify. This high quality fusion arc weld is complete in milliseconds and is accomplished by one of two popular methods:

Capacitor Discharge (usually "CD" for short) and Arc Stud Welding.

For further details, and product or process specific details, choose a link below:

Close Capacitor Discharge (CD) Arc Stud
General Specifications General Specifications (PDF - 664KB)
Welding Process CD Stud Welding Process (PDF - 271KB) Arc Stud Welding Process (PDF - 240KB)
Stud/Base Combo CD Stud Base Combination Welding (PDF - 281KB) Arc Stud Weld Base Thickness Guide (PDF - 285KB)
Design Instructions & Guides CD Weld Preventing Reverse-Side Marking (PDF - 342KB) Arc Stud Location Template & Bushing Design (PDF - 277KB)
Arc Stud Weld Fillet Accommodation (PDF - 290KB)
Physical Properties CD Stud Load Strengths (PDF - 250KB) Arc Stud Tensile & Torque Stengths (PDF - 543KB)
Weld Inspection CD Weld Visual Inspection (PDF - 269KB) Arc Stud Weld Visual Inspection (PDF - 373KB)
Weight Charts CD Stud Weight Chart (PDF - 257KB) Arc Stud Weight Chart (PDF - 829KB)
Styles CD Special Weld Studs (PDF - 272KB)  
Weld Studs Mil Spec MIL-S-24149C-1 (PDF - 637KB)
Stud Welding System Mil Spec A-A-59331 (PDF - 870KB)

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