Set Up Cuphead Weld Pins


Getting work done quickly and reliably is really important these days. At Midwest Fasteners, we know that easy to use portable stud welding to install many kinds of fasteners is a fast and practical way to get jobs done. And we know that Midwest Fasteners can help.

Cuphead Weld Pins, sometimes called “Mini” Cups, can be applied using Capacitor Discharge stud welding. This process is often called “CD” welding for short.

It’s a portable welding process which uses readily-available electric power from an everyday, 110-volt outlet.

In addition to being portable, CD Welding Systems have:

  • simple components,
  • work quickly,
  • and can be used on sheet metal thickness material to apply Cuphead Weld Pins and a variety of Welded Fasteners using this welding method.

Using the CD process for Cuphead welding offers a high strength weld very quickly and reliably, with minimum labor to install insulating materials. It can be used with Stainless & Mild Steel — even coated and Galvanized materials with no burn-through of the metal, and no special weld setups.

This type of pin welding is often used to insulate duct work and for application of ductlining insulation, especially when Insulation needs to be applied “remotely” or in-the-Field, on a jobsite.

The process of Capacitor Discharge welding occurs in a series of 4 instant steps:

  • Contact
  • Ignition
  • Placement of the Stud or Pin
  • and, “Completion” of the Pin Weld

Here’s how to set up properly for Cuphead welding with the CD portable. The standard, portable CD system consists of:

  • A Controller [or Power Unit] which is plugged into a 110 volt power outlet.
  • The CD Gun and Cables which are used to control the power unit and deliver weld current. The Gun also serves as the Pin holder, plus places the pin properly during welding.
  • and, A ground cable and clamping connection which is attached to the work and provides the rest of “the circuit” to complete our Capacitor Discharge weld system.

Finally, special Accessories are used to fit the Pin to the Gun. For Cuphead Pin Welding the accessory is a Magnetic Chucking device.

These parts make up the CD system and we are ready to set up for Cupheads.

Prepare the CD Cuphead Gun, by loosening the screws at the end of the gun to accept the Magnetic Chuck.

Insert the Chuck fully into the Gun until it “seats” and stops.

Lastly, tighten the set screws (in this case 2 of them), and check to see that the Gun is free and clear to operate smoothly during the weld. All parts should be cleanly and tightly connected to assure proper welding of any fastener both at the weld end, through the gun and pin, plus at the ground point.

A finished Cuphead weld shows the advantages of Capacitor Discharge welding with NO backside distortion or burn-through. The weld provides good strength from the bond, and fastening is created in a short cycle which exhibits strength sufficient to support materials without falling down or pulling loose.

Since the CD process can deliver 15-20 welds per minute, material is installed quickly and cleanly.

C.D. one-hundred-and-ten volt systems can weld as quickly as you:

  • Load
  • Contact
  • and Apply

With that you get fast welded results on lots of fasteners, with pins placed reliably one-after-another, all with good holding power to support materials of all types.

Midwest Fasteners’ Capacitor Discharge stud welding is fast, reliable, and gives superior weld strength on many types of fasteners.

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