At Midwest Fasteners, we’ve got a pin welder that’s sure to change your concept of pin welding: SureShotII is tougher, faster and more portable than most other pin welders available, and it’s the most up-to-date capacitor discharge pin welder in the market. It’s easy to see why more demanding users will choose this welder for their toughest jobs.

SureShotII can be used for all industrial applications, even in the most rugged environments. From ductwork to flat-work, the SureShotII installs cupheads, weld pins, and weld studs of all types – and you can take this welder with you, wherever you go!

Weighing in at only 18 pounds, and measuring 14” wide x 12” deep x 6” high, the SureShotII offers many features in addition to its unmatched portability:

  • Hybrid power technology
  • Maximum weld capacity for ultra-light stud welders
  • Dual operating power options
  • Push-button voltage controls
  • On-board diagnostics, with a digital LED’s
  • Rugged non-conductive, non-corrosive exterior in a compact co-polymer case (ideal for use in shipyards and marine environments)
  • Low-profile, heavy-duty cable connections
  • Proven Midwest gun technology… and more.

Don’t let its small size and light weight fool you: The SureShotII is tough and rugged. It has the power to apply virtually any stud fastener used in today’s insulation markets, using only 110-volt (or 220-volt as a user option). That’s power you can rely on to get jobs done quickly, safely and as efficiently as possible.

At Midwest, SureShotII is the pin welder of choice for many heavy-duty users, for many different reasons. We’d be happy to tell you more about the rugged features of the SureShotII and how it can meet the challenges of your specific job applications. Give us a call at 1-800-852-8352 or send an email to our sales department. We hope to hear from you soon!