When it comes to proper pin welding, there are certain simple but crucial do’s and don’ts, and it’s important to be aware of them. A minor misstep can make a major difference. Here, we lay out the do’s of the pin welding process:

  • Connect welder to proper incoming AC power (110 volt for most systems).
  • Connect weld gun to negative, Ground to positive receptacles (“straight” polarity) and twist, or properly “lock”.
  • Connect Ground tightly, firmly, and cleanly to work surface, assuring “connection” to all weld points.
  • Use the complete system, including ALL cables and ALL accessories for your application.
  • Make sure Gun is set up for your specific application, and do so properly by tightening all hold-downs, set-screws, and accessory components. Understand and use proper accessories and “technique” for pin in use.
  • Use proper pin for weld surface material: aluminum to aluminum ONLY.
  • Observe “1/8’s”: no more than 1/8” of pressure to the pin, any type, during welding AND when welding Cuphead or Mini-Cup. Pins: use a pin at least 1/8” longer than material depth.
  • Paper Washer or insulated, Cuphead MUST be used on foil-faced, FSK material to prevent arcing to facing and produce full and proper welds.
  • Expect unit to “hum” during each charge cycle.
  • Observe ALL fire and electrical codes, plus rules of common sense.

Follow each of these steps carefully to ensure safe and successful pin welding. Stay tuned for our next blog post on the don’ts of pin welding….