Use of the MIDWEST Capacitor Discharge (CD) Weld Gun is one of the best ways to ensure proper welding for many studwelding applications. Within this Weld Gun’s operation, spring pressure applied at the time of welding is a key element to ensure that best welding of your CD Weld Studs takes place. Many users find this is because of the “timing” built into the gun’s action, along with the configuration of the weld tip on each-and-every capacitor discharge weld stud.

All of our standard CD Guns (CDWG-201-35) come with a standard tension Silver Spring, while the MIDWEST Precision CD Gun (CDPG-200-35) comes with a higher tension black spring. All CD Guns come with a removeable rear-cap design that makes the gun shaft spring interchangeable— and therefore fully adaptable to all types of special applications.

There are certain recommendations and guidelines to follow to ensure best practices. Of course there can be many special circumstances and conditions specific to individual jobs, and these are just guidelines. However, by following the guidelines as a starting point, they can be a good guide to assist in achieving optimal CD stud welding.

These are the guidelines we recommend following:

SPRINGMIDWEST Part #Applications
Silver060-3010-01Weld Pins: Mild Steel/Copper & Galvanized, Stainless;
CD Flanged Weld Studs: Mild Steel/Copper Coated;
CD Flanged Weld Studs: Stainless Steel
Black060-3010-03Weld Pins: Aluminum;
CD Flanged Weld Studs: Aluminum #6 to #10 dia.
Red060-3010-05Weld Pins: Power Base Weld Pins – ALL;
CD Flanged Weld Studs: Aluminum ¼” to 5/16” dia.
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Conditions and applications can vary. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these guidelines and recommendations, or any studwelding questions you may encount

We’ll be happy to help!