Now that you’re aware of what’s crucial to DO during the pin welding process, let’s take a look at what you should NOT do.

  • Removing the cover. Don’t do this for any reason when the power is connected.
  • Don’t stand in any water when you’re welding. You also shouldn’t sit any units or cables in any form of water or moisture, and don’t weld in wet clothing.
  • Be careful of flammables. Don’t weld near them or any explosive hazards without proper precautions.
  • Don’t weld without proper eye and body protection. Look away from, and not directly at the weld area during a weld.
  • Don’t lubricate a gun, gun shaft, or any part of a unit.
  • Don’t use a collet or chuck that will not grip the fastener snugly or shows lack of grip.
  • During a weld, don’t move the gun! Wait until the cycle is complete.
  • Don’t push the gun down until the spring in the gun “bottoms” out on any type of weld pin.
  • Don’t attempt to solve quality weld problems by turning the unit up to its maximum power.
  • Don’t coil up cables in loops in one area, especially near a point of weld.

Please keep the tips from our previous blog (The Do’s of Pin Welding), along with the tips listed in the blog above for safe and optimal pin welding processes! If we can help in any way – please let us know.